COVID-19 Procedures - Crowne Pointe Theatre, Elizabethtown KY

COVID-19 Procedures

Crowne Pointe Theatre is excited to be opened again!

We not only want you to have a great movie going experience but a safe one!  Here is everything we are doing to give you the confidence that your trip to Crowne Pointe Theatre is safe.  Enjoy your show!

Employee Temperature Monitoring

  • All of our employees prior to starting work will have their temperature taken, and sent home if they have a temperature of 100.4 or more. 
  • Any sick employee will stay home. 
  • Employees will have their temperature taken every 4 hours.

Auditorium Disinfection

The seats, door handles, and rails used in a theatre will be disinfected after the each show. 

Social Distancing

  • Employees will assist moviegoers in following the floor signs to keep social distance while inside the theatre.
  • Employee breaks will be in designated areas that provide social distancing.
  • All seat assignments for a show will be done by blocking out 2 seats on both sides of the assigned seats. 
  • Note: The rows at Crowne Pointe Theatre are already 7 feet apart.


Entry Signs will be posted advising moviegoers to not enter if sick or have a fever.

Increased Sanitizer Availability

Hand sanitizers will be stationed throughout the theatre to be readily available to moviegoers and employees.

Employee Personal Protection Equipment

Employees on duty will wear gloves and masks. Cashiers will hand sanitize after every customer transaction.

Ticket Handoff Procedure

Instead of handing tickets to the usher for validation, the moviegoer will tear their ticket in half and place it in the box while the ticket usher directs them to their theatre.

Party Room

No public use of the party room.


For any questions pertaining to these procedures or to report a concern, please visit our Contact Us page.