Rules & Policies - Crowne Pointe Theatre, Elizabethtown KY

Rules & Policies


Crowne Pointe Theatre Rules

These rules, procedures, and restrictions are in effect to provide you with a safe and secure movie going experience. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a Manager at any time. A suggestion box is in the lobby and we welcome your feedback.


  • Video Surveillance is in use throughout the theatre for your safety.
  • Use of any audio or video recording devices, including mobile phones, in the theatre is strictly prohibited and illegal.
  • No outside food or drink is permitted. This includes alcoholic beverages.
  • No weapons of any sort are allowed inside the theatre. Please secure any firearms or other weapons in your locked vehicle.
  • Oversized bags and backpacks are not allowed in the theatre. Management reserves the right to search any bag at their discretion. Please secure all oversized bags and backpacks in your locked vehicle.
  • Disruption of any movie for any reason will be cause for ejection from the theatre without a refund. This includes, but is not limited to, loud or offensive language, gestures, crying infants, throwing of items, and using mobile phones.
  • Any behavior that is perceived to be threatening or intimidating will be cause for ejection from the theatre without a refund.
  • Respectable dress is required. No obscene or offensive attire will be permitted, including overly revealing clothing. The Manager has complete discretion to determine what is, or is not, appropriate and/or allowed in the theatre.
  • Lock your car and do not place expensive items where they can be easily seen through the car's windows. We do not have on site security and are not responsible for any damage or lost/stolen items.
  • The theatre may take promotional photography within the theatre during special events, etc.. Should your picture be taken, the theatre may utilize these on their social media pages and other marketing collateral. Please refer to our privacy policy.

    Ticket Refund Policy

    Please note that ticket(s) purchased are only valid for the film and showtime specified. If you cannot use a ticket or we cancel the show you may choose a refund, exchange (additional charges could apply) or receive a pass good for any show any time.
    Refunds can be done online by submitting your request with a refund option to this link..
    Or at the theatre by seeing a manager. When coming to the theatre for a refund make sure you have your confirmation number or the credit card you used to charge the ticket(s).
    The online service/processing fee is non refundable.

    “R” Rated Movie Policy

    We may at our discretion check Identification for movies with an “R” rating. If you are under 17 and wish to attend an “R” rated movie, we require that you are accompanied by a parent or a guardian who is at least 21 years old.


    If at ANY time you need help or have a concern, please visit our lobby and ask for a Manager to assist you. Thank you for following our rules and enjoy your movie.