Home! - Crowne Pointe Theatre, Elizabethtown KY

We are going the extra mile to make your trip to see a movie, both safe and fun.   All seating will be socially distanced.  Yes! Families and household groups will be able to sit together.  We have procedures in place to disinfect seats, areas of high touches, and to minimize interactions between moviegoers and the staff.  We encourage you to comply with local and state COVID-19 guidance. Our mask policy is that in the open areas everyone is required to cover their face, including those with medical conditions. This includes lobby, restrooms, concession, and hallway areas.  When in your seat watching the movie your mask may be removed.

For all the COVID-19 details click here or check out the details in our video.

The studios are finally bringing out new movies.  On August 28, 2020, we will be returning to our new movie pricing with tickets starting at $8.  The $1 service fee for purchasing a ticket online will start up again too.  There is no $1 service fee when purchasing a ticket at the theatre.   Any older movie played will still be $4. Charity movies are still $5. Please come no earlier than 20 minutes before your show is to start.

We hope to see you soon!

Shows for Today, October 21st 2020
2 HEARTS (PG13) 110 minutes
12:30PM   03:25PM   06:25PM   09:00PM   
HOCUS POCUS (PG) 106 minutes
11:15AM   02:00PM   04:35PM   07:05PM   09:30PM   
HONEST THIEF (PG13) 109 minutes
11:30AM   02:10PM   04:40PM   07:15PM   09:45PM   
KID DETECTIVE (R) 107 minutes
11:00AM   01:30PM   04:00PM   06:45PM   09:20PM   
LOVE AND MONSTERS (PG13) 119 minutes
12:10PM   03:15PM   06:30PM   09:10PM   
NEW MUTANTS (PG13) 108 minutes
03:40PM   06:50PM   09:25PM   
11:00AM   01:00PM   03:00PM   05:00PM   07:00PM   09:00PM   
TENET (PG13) 160 minutes
12:00PM   03:30PM   07:00PM   
WAR WITH GRANDPA (PG) 104 minutes
11:45AM   02:25PM   06:10PM   08:35PM