FAQ - Crowne Pointe Theatre, Elizabethtown KY


1What films are currently showing?
All of our current features can be viewed on our homepage, as well as our ticketing page.
2Where can I purchase tickets?
Tickets are available for purchase at the theatre or online.
3I did not receive an email confirmation for my tickets. How do I print my tickets without it?
If you do not have your email confirmation on hand, you can swipe the card used to purchase tickets at our kiosks or a cashier station to print your tickets.
4Do you sell gift cards?
We do! Gift cards can be purchased at the theatre or online. (They can also be redeemed in-person or online.)
5If I purchase tickets to a showtime and can’t make it, can I get a refund? If so, how?
If you are unable to make your movie for any reason, unused tickets are eligible for a refund. In order for a refund to be processed, you must visit the theatre and speak with a cashier. You will need to bring the card used to purchase the tickets.
6Do I have to pick my seats before attending a movie?
Yes, all of our auditoriums feature reserved seating. You will choose your seats during the ticket checkout process, both online or at the theatre.
7If I reserve seats for my movie, then want to sit somewhere else after getting into the auditorium, can I switch seats?
The seats you select during the ticket checkout process are your seats for that screening. However, you may have the option to switch seats by seeing a manager. You may not move seats once arriving in the auditorium, as you would then be sitting in the seats purchased by another guest. If you do sit in seats that you did not pay for, you will be asked to move.
8Do you have stadium seating? Are the stairs steep?
All of our auditoriums featured sloped floors, which is optimal for our screen positioning and reclining seats. The gradual incline ensures guests’ views are never blocked and makes our auditoriums more accessible to guests as there are no stairs.
9Can I use an AMC, Regal, Republic, etc. gift card to buy movie tickets at your theatre?
Unfortunately, no. We are an independently owned and operated facility, meaning we are not part of those theatre chains and cannot accept their gift cards. The only gift cards we are able to accept are our own Crowne Pointe Theatre gift cards.
10Do you offer closed captioning or other services for the deaf or hard of hearing?
We offer assistive listening devices for those who are deaf, deaf gain, or hard of hearing.
11Do you accept Movie Pass?
We do accept Movie Pass but we do not manage their memberships. To enroll in their membership please visit their website.
12Who can I speak to about donation and fundraiser opportunities?
You can email these inquiries to contact@crownepointetheatre.com.